Anthony Shelley Quoted Regarding Upcoming Prison Litigation Reform Act Supreme Court Appearance in The National Law Journal

"Docket Chat: Fresh Faces Get Argument Time in November Cycle"
The National Law Journal
10.28.15Firm Chair Anthony F. Shelley was quoted regarding his upcoming Supreme Court argument in Bruce v. Samuels, a Prison Litigation Reform Act case that addresses filing fees for indigent inmates. A departure from Shelley's practice of ERISA and employee benefits, in this case he represents a prison inmate as part of Miller & Chevalier's pro bono program. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has appointed Shelley more than one dozen times to argue appeals for indigent inmates, many of them involving the prison litigation reform law. "I don't get involved with too many criminal defendants in ERISA cases," Shelley said. "But the[re] are appeals in both cases, and the preparation is similar. You work all the briefs and test the strengths and weakness of your arguments and do the best you can."
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