Andrew Herman Quoted Regarding Hastert Guilty Plea in USA Today

"Ex-speaker Dennis Hastert to plead guilty in hush money case"
USA Today
10.15.15Andrew Herman was quoted regarding former House speaker Dennis Hastert's guilty plea to criminal charges resulting from hush money paid to an individual, referred to as Individual A, who was wronged years ago. Going to trial could have proved difficult for both Hastert and federal prosecutors. The potential embarrassment of what Individual A might say if prosecutors called him to testify loomed, as did the fact that Individual A struck a deal to receive millions of dollars from Hastert and could appear less credible to a jury. "I don't think it can be lost that none of the (allegations) are likely ever going to be anything other than allegations. None of that will be established in a court of law. It's all circumstantial now," Herman said. "It's like Al Capone," he added, referring to the notorious Prohibition era gangster who was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison for income tax invasion. "You get somebody for what you can get them on, even if what you really think they did is much worse," he said.
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