Matteson Ellis Discusses Effective Brazilian Compliance Strategies in JD Supra Business Advisor

"Corruption Risks in Brazil: Ensuring Compliance with the FCPA & BCCA"
JD Supra Business Advisor

In this webinar, Matteson Ellis discusses the compliance risks associated with operating in Brazil and provides insights on how to effectively manage these risks given international anti-corruption laws like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Brazilian Clean Companies Act (BCCA). He outlines common risks and addresses the changing enforcement climate and offers effective strategies to manage these risks. "The situation now in Brazil is so dynamic -- there's a new anti-corruption law that applies to companies. Recently the administration issued regulations that have helped flesh out and spell out the contours of that law," Ellis said.

"U.S. authorities are highly active in terms of applying the [FCPA] to U.S. companies doing business in Brazil and to Brazilian companies -- very important Brazilian companies. And within this whole collection of activity, companies are learning effective strategies for bolstering and enhancing their compliance programs to adequately measure risk. The goal being to stay out of trouble, and second, if something does happen to be able to tell their story and present their defense to authorities, be that U.S. authorities or Brazilian authorities," he said.

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