Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding Potential Impact of Appellate Affirmation of McDonnell's Corruption Charges in The Washington Post

"Bob McDonnell loses appeal over public corruption convictions"
The Washington Post
07.10.15Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the potential impact of a federal appellate panel's unanimous affirmation of former Va. Governor Bob McDonnell's public corruption convictions. Experts say that the opinion could energize federal prosecutors across the country and put public officials on high alert that almost anything they do on behalf of a benefactor can be construed as having illegal intent. "I think it is precedent setting," Pollack said, adding that the decision was "good news, bad news" for other public officials who might walk the line of corruption. Pollack said the good news is that, "There has to be an expectation that the official is going to undertake a specific official act in return for the benefit he is receiving." The bad, he said, is that, "Almost anything is an official act."
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