Welles Orr Quoted Regarding Stall of Trade Adjustment Assistance in Law360

"All Eyes on Obama, GOP to Repair Latest Trade Rift"
06.12.15Welles Orr was quoted regarding the recent stall of trade legislation. A recent session, which left the White House's trade agenda in limbo, succeeded in renewing the President's authority to submit trade agreements for expedited consideration, yet thwarted the passage of a tandem provision to extend Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). The result leaves the U.S. House of Representatives' version of the bill to revive Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) out of synch with one passed last month in the Senate. According to Orr, he sees most of the flipped TAA votes coming from the Democratic side, framing Friday's kerfuffle as an opportunity for members of that party to score some short-lived political points. "Boehner probably wouldn't have [scheduled another vote] if he hadn't gotten some assurance from ... Pelosi that the Dems got their day, they appeased labor, but in the end, they all know what they've got to do," he said.
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