Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding DC Appellate Rejection of 1984 Murder Challenge in The National Law Journal

"DC Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Convictions in 1984 Murder"
The National Law Journal
06.11.15Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the D.C. Court of Appeals' decision to reject a challenge to the convictions in a notorious 1984 murder case, in which a group of young men was found guilty of a fatal beating. Defense attorneys for the men argued that their convictions should be reversed, because prosecutors failed to turn over favorable information to the defense at the time of trial. A three-judge panel agreed that there was evidence that was not disclosed that should have been, but did not believe the failure to turn over evidence undermined the guilty verdicts. "After cataloguing a laundry list of powerful evidence that was never disclosed to the defense, the court of appeals substituted its evaluation of this evidence for that of a jury," said Pollack, who represented one of the defendants, Christopher Turner. "The court of appeals speculated that despite the relative weakness of the trial evidence against Chris Turner, a jury would have convicted him even if it had heard all of the evidence. Our justice system is not supposed to work this way. Evidence is supposed to be disclosed to a defense so that a jury can evaluate it."
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