Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding Application of FBI Recording Policy to White Collar Investigations in Just Anti-Corruption

"Views Vary on Whether FBI Recording Policy Should Extend to White-Collar Investigations"
Just Anti-Corruption
05.28.15Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the Department of Justice's policy requiring its investigative agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to record suspects' interviews. The policy applies only to interviews with suspects who are in custody. Attorneys disagree about whether the requirement should also apply to non-custodial interviews in white collar cases. Pollack said interviews of white collar suspects and defendants often involve complex topics and insider jargon, which could be confusing to an FBI agent not familiar with the terminology. Pollack, who is in favor of extending the FBI policy to white collar investigations, said, "There's a lot of subtlety and a lot of nuance to the subject matter, and much of that gets lost in translation if you don't have a verbatim record of what was said."
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