Kirby Behre Quoted Regarding Antitrust Implications of UBS Settlement Fallout in The Wall Street Journal

"Justice Department to Tear Up Past UBS Settlement"
The Wall Street Journal
05.14.15Kirby Behre was quoted regarding the antitrust implications of the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) unprecedented move to void a 2012 settlement with UBS AG following alleged violations stemming from the bank's self-reported new infractions. The DOJ's maneuver is a sign of an increasingly aggressive stance on punishing large financial institutions. Some antitrust lawyers say this outcome may have a significant impact on future self-reporting for companies. "It appears to undermine the antitrust immunity and leniency program," Behre said. "It's a little inconsistent to say you have immunity with us, but the prosecutor down the hall can do whatever he wants."
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