Timothy O'Toole Quoted Regarding Supreme Court Ruling on Md. Tax Scheme in Law360

"High Court Levels Individual, Corporate Taxes in Md. Ruling"
05.18.15Timothy O'Toole was quoted regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's recent invalidation of a Maryland tax scheme prohibiting residents from offsetting county level income taxes by amounts paid to other jurisdictions. The outcome was not a surprise, given the Court's long track record of invalidating state tax regimes that could cause double taxation. The majority ruling, a 5-4 split, makes the case seem like a cut and dry matter, and according to Justice Alito, the court has issued at least three prior rulings that invalidated state tax laws that favored intrastate over interstate activity. "I wasn't expecting this ruling would be unanimous, but I was surprised at how close it was," O'Toole said.
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