Andrew Wise Quoted Regarding Overturned Conviction of Pro Bono Client in The Washington Post

"After more than 20 years in prison, a long road to freedom for 2 D.C. men"
The Washington Post
05.13.15Andrew Wise was quoted regarding an overturned conviction for pro bono client Keith Mitchell, who was released from prison after nearly 22 years following the D.C. Court of Appeals' reversal of his conviction. Six months after the Court overturned Mitchell and childhood friend, Gary Gathers' convictions based on the prosecutor's knowing use of false evidence, prosecutors declined to pursue the case as they no longer had enough evidence to secure conviction at a second trial. Wise, who served as Mitchell's attorney, said of the two men, "It takes a lot of faith and confidence to continue to fight and never let setbacks bring them down." Wise represented Mitchell in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project (MAIP), which has helped overturn 11 wrongful convictions since 2010.
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