Welles Orr Quoted Regarding Prospect of Fast-Track TPA in Law360

"Fast-Track Bill Could Hit Speed Bump On Currency"
04.16.15Welles Orr was quoted regarding the recent proposal of a bill to fast-track the reinstatement of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which is seen as a critical move in the eventual approval of a Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Some observers suggest that the section of the bill describing how U.S. trade negotiators should address currency manipulations by its partners is an area that could potentially present snags. Taken on balance, even with the various procedural and substantive hurdles that may be in the offing, Orr said that the fast-track bill will likely ascend to the president's desk sooner rather than later. "I predict it will pass -- sufficient bipartisan support and the administration really working it will deliver the votes, I think," he said. "The whole trade package has enough [support] to secure just enough votes for passage."
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