James Bensfield and Jonathan Kossak Mentioned in Final Attempt to Exonerate Wrongly Convicted Man in Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Pardon sought for man who claims innocence but is facing sex offender commitment"
Richmond Times-Dispatch
04.07.15James Bensfield and Jonathan Kossak's representation of Michael McAlister, a man facing indefinite imprisonment as part of the civil commitment process despite evidence supporting his claims of innocence for an attempted rape nearly 30 years ago, was highlighted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The lawyers have filed a request for absolute pardon, which may be McAlister's last chance to clear his name and avoid life in a Virginia behavioral rehabilitation center. As McAlister's prison term neared an end, his sexual assault convictions set in motion the civil commitment process and state law bars McAlister from challenging the validity of his convictions during that process. An absolute pardon from the governor would end the civil commitment process, the lawyers said.
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