Garrett Fenton Quoted Regarding Potential Supreme Court Impact on ACA in SHRM Online    

"ACA at 5th Anniversary: Neither Poison Nor Panacea"
SHRM Online
03.23.15Garrett Fenton was quoted regarding the pending Supreme Court decision concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Five years into enactment, the ACA continues to face both avid support and fierce opposition. However, the ACA's fate in the hands of the Supreme Court is particularly uncertain. "All eyes are on the Supreme Court" and its upcoming decision (King v. Burwell, No. 14-114) on whether subsidies are available on the federal exchange, Fenton said. "Short of a drastic Supreme Court decision, [the ACA] is here to stay," he said. But "it's difficult to predict what will happen and plan too far in advance with a decision that could go either way."
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