Andrew Herman Quoted Regarding FBI Investigation of Schock Expenses in USA Today

"FBI investigating Rep. Schock's expenses"
USA Today
03.20.15Andrew Herman was quoted regarding the investigation into Rep. Aaron Schock's expenses following allegations of improper spending from his office and campaign accounts. The Office of Congressional Ethics is looking into the allegations but when Schock resigns, House committees will lose authority to pursue the matter, although a criminal investigation could continue. "I think it's a huge deal when they start issuing subpoenas. They don't do that at the drop of a hat," Herman said, adding that misusing official resources is not a small matter. If there is "a pattern and practice of misappropriation of taxpayer resources, that is going to get the attention of the feds," he said, and "it's potentially a felony." Beyond the FBI investigation, Schock could face civil proceedings before the Federal Election Commission if he is found to have misused campaign funds. But with the FBI involved in the Schock case, the FEC "is the least of his worries," Herman said.
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