Garrett Fenton Quoted Regarding Wellness Programs in Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Real Time

"Tax Departments Should Stay Familiar With Their Wellness Programs, Attorney Says"
Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Real Time
02.24.15Garrett Fenton was quoted regarding the attention that tax department staff should pay to company wellness programs. During the webcast, "Wellness Programs: What Every Tax Department Needs to Know," Fenton emphasized the importance of involving tax in the establishment and operation of wellness programs so they will be prepared to deal with any compliance issues. "If there's any sort of violation, any sort of tax issues, ultimately it's going to end up on the tax department's desk to deal with it," Fenton said. "Whether its defending an IRS assessment or dealing with any employee tax issues that come up, or any audit situations, it's the tax department that will have to deal with it and defend it."
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