Kirby Behre Quoted Regarding Maureen McDonnell Sentencing Following Corruption Conviction in Bloomberg

"Virginia Ex-First Lady Gets Year in Prison for Corruption"
02.20.15Kirby Behre was quoted regarding the sentencing of Maureen McDonnell, Virginia's former first lady, following a public corruption conviction. McDonnell was sentenced to one year and one day in prison and her husband, former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell, was given a two-year prison term last month. "Maureen McDonnell's sentence was proportional to the penalty given to her husband given their roles in the scandal," Behre said. "The die was cast for this sentence when Bob McDonnell got two years. To a large degree, Maureen was the more active participant, yet she was not a public official." McDonnell's lawyers filed papers prior to sentencing seeking her freedom during an appeal. If she does go to prison, she likely wouldn't serve more than 10 months, because the addition of one day to a one-year sentence makes her eligible for good-behavior credits not otherwise available, Behre said.
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