Larry Christensen and Timothy O'Toole Quoted Regarding MLB Policy Changes on Cuban Players in The Wall Street Journal

"MLB Policy Changes Make Cuban Baseball Players Free Agents in U.S."
The Wall Street Journal
02.04.15Larry Christensen and Timothy O'Toole were quoted regarding Major League Baseball (MLB) policy changes allowing Cuban players to be considered free agents and sign contracts with any club as long as they meet general licensing requirements set by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and are outside of Cuba. The MLB policy changes will increase the league's talent pool and will advance team recruiting efforts, the lawyers said. "It makes it easier and faster for Cuban players who want to play here to play in the U.S.," O'Toole said. Christensen referenced an OFAC statement posted to its FAQ page on the Cuba regulations about authorized certain professional research-related travel to the country and noted that it allows MLB scouts, in the course of their work, to discover new players in Cuba. "It makes it easier and faster for recruiters to evaluate that talent," Christensen said.
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