George Hani Quoted Regarding High-Profile IRS Audit in Politico

"Can't fight the IRS? Don't tell Microsoft"
01.12.15George Hani was quoted regarding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) summons of Microsoft's former CEO and the company's strategy for disputing allegations that it pushed profits offshore to avoid taxes. The IRS hired law firm Quinn Emmanuel, a known litigation firm, to assist with the suit. "The fact that they hired Quinn Emmanuel to assist the government is eye-popping," Hani said. "The IRS has certainly hired outside consultants before -- but usually just economists." The IRS implemented a new system for auditing that requires agents to take prescribed steps within a certain timeframe when seeking information, which may result in the Service needing outside support to meet their deadlines. While Microsoft is taking an aggressive stance, "others are taking the opposite approach and remain scared to death of the summons," Hani said.
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