Andrew Wise Quoted Regarding Sentence Length and Appeal Prospects for McDonnell in The Washington Post

"Lenient sentence will not deter McDonnell appeal"
The Washington Post
01.07.15Andrew Wise was quoted regarding the sentencing verdict in the trial of former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell and prospects for his appeal. Although McDonnell is scheduled to report to federal prison next month to serve a two-year sentence on public corruption charges, the former governor and his lawyers have vowed to file notice of appeal imminently. Some experts suggest that McDonnell has a chance to prevail on appeal and may even be allowed to remain out of prison while the court contemplates a ruling. "From a lawyer's standpoint, it was a big victory for the defense, but for a 60-plus-year-old defendant, two years in the federal penitentiary is no small thing," Wise said.
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