Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding Criminal Leak Case in The Washington Post

"Prosecutors: Times reporter won’t be asked source’s name; ‘dry run’ hearing possible"
The Washington Post
12.16.14Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the subpoena the government is issuing to James Risen, a New York Times reporter, to testify in the trial of Mr. Pollack's client, former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling. Mr. Sterling is alleged to have leaked national defense information to Risen. Federal prosecutors had previously issued a subpoena to Mr. Risen to testify and identify his sources. Risen fought the to the Supreme Court, which declined to intervene. However, in a recent filing, federal prosecutors indicated they will not ask Mr. Risen to reveal his sources. In a "dry run" hearing, scheduled for January 5, Risen will face questions outside of the presence of a jury so that both the prosecution and defense can determine exactly what Risen would be willing to say at trial. Pollack said, "We don't know what Mr. Risen's going to answer, if anything, so it all remains to be seen."
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