Fred Oliphant and Gary Quintiere Quoted in BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter Regarding the Report of the Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities on International Pension Issues

“IRS Delays International Account Reporting; Benefit Plans Want More Guidance”
BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter
08.11.09Fred Oliphant and Gary Quintiere comment on the report on international pension issues by the Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities, suggesting that IRS could best help employers meet their obligations by first focusing on internal organizational changes. “We can have a list of issues that are as long as your arm, but I think unless there's some sort of systematic way for those issues to be presented, vetted, discussed and resolved, it's just not going to happen, or it will only happen sporadically,” according to Oliphant. Quintiere said that removing organizational impediments would be the most significant step that IRS and Treasury could take in addressing international employee benefit plan and IRA compliance, adding that achieving that goal will depend on highly placed leadership. “They're going to see how far apart they are on certain issues, and maybe they're going to lose heart. That's the challenge,” he said.
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