Kirby Behre Quoted Regarding Practice Synergies in Arrival at Miller & Chevalier in IFLR1000

"Miller & Chevalier Snags Regulatory Lawyer from Paul Hastings"
11.19.14Kirby Behre was quoted regarding the synergies in his arrival at Miller & Chevalier and the global nature of his client work. "Miller & Chevalier has handled investigations in 64 countries over the past five years, which is an impressive global footprint. With more than 40 white collar and FCPA lawyers, I was excited at the prospect to practice with more people who do what I do," Behre said. "In addition, given the increasing global intersection of white collar, anti-corruption, and criminal cartel enforcement and investigations, and my experience in this area Miller & Chevalier was a perfect fit." Regarding frequent travel to Asia and his perspective on changes in the regulatory space, particularly with respect to criminal cartel investigations, "there has been an uptick in cartel enforcement efforts in South Korea, and we're increasingly starting to see it in China as well," Behre said. "In light of this increased enforcement, general counsels, compliance officers, and operations managers of multinational corporations should pay close attention."
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