Richard Mojica Discusses Ways to Optimize the Supply Chain and "Re-shoring" in The Price of Business Interview

"What You Need to Know About International Law and Importing"
The Price of Business on CBS Radio
11.12.14Richard Mojica discussed his customs practice and duty saving programs available to importers in a recent interview with Kevin Price, the host of The Price of Business on CBS Radio. After discussing the free trade agreements and duty drawback, Mojica turned to “re-shoring” -- companies moving production back to the United States. On that point, Mojica stated, "U.S. manufacturing is staging a comeback ... based on what we are hearing from clients, but perhaps a more accurate term is 'near-shoring' given that companies are cutting back in China and they're headed to Mexico and other Latin American countries." He added that "China remains a hot consumer market ... so, even if companies stop producing merchandise for export in China, what I am hearing is that they will re-tool those factories to service the domestic market."
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