Barbara Linney Discusses Trends in Sanctions Implementation in Global Investigations Review

"GIR Sanctions Roundtable"
Global Investigations Review
11.12.14Barbara Linney chaired Global Investigations Review's Sanctions Roundtable and was quoted regarding how private practitioners and in-house counsel should attempt to navigate an ever-changing enforcement landscape. "On the one hand, the agencies are obviously trying to focus on very targeted policy objectives, but on the other, the more targeted you become, the more different methodologies you have in play and the more difficult it becomes for businesses to comply because there is so much more out there that they have to try to understand," Linney said. "So the end result here, while trying to implement a very targeted programme, has been a multiplicity of lists and approaches. In addition, it can no longer be said that sanctions and export controls are two different things, if they ever really were."
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GIR Sanctions Roundtable