Marc Gerson Quoted Regarding Prospects of Reform Agenda in Law360

"GOP Senate Will Focus On Comprehensive Tax Reform"
11.05.14Marc Gerson was quoted regarding the tempered prospects of a unilateral reform agenda following midterm elections. Even though Republicans have a majority in the Senate, they lack a 60-vote supermajority that would enable them to pass tax reform legislation without Democratic support, Gerson said, adding that the slim majority combined with the possibility of a presidential veto could temper any tax reform package that Republicans pitch. On the flip side, Gerson added that Republicans could play a presidential veto to their advantage come 2016. "Republicans could say, 'We want to be more proactive, we want to show the American public that we're trying to legislate, and the White House is blocking us,'" Gerson said. "As we move into the presidential election, folks will definitely be thinking strategically about that."
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