Marc Gerson Quoted Regarding Likelihood of Comprehensive Tax Reform Following Midterm Elections in Politico

"Morning Tax: Big wins for tax cutting in the states -- Brownback squeaks by -- Looking ahead to a Republican Congress -- Tax reform"
11.05.14Marc Gerson was quoted regarding the likelihood of the GOP to pursue tax reform following the shift to a Republican Congress after the midterm elections. Many optimists argue that the GOP and the Obama Administration could come together to do revenue-neutral, business-only tax reform, where they share common ground. However, other experts remain skeptical. Gerson said many Republicans still want comprehensive reform, not business-only reform -- and that's another can of worms entirely. "It's a question of whether, in the current political environment, a legitimate effort can really move forward in a short timeframe," he said, before the 2016 presidential campaigning begins.
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