Rocco Femia Quoted Regarding OECD Minimum Standard CFC Rules in Tax Notes Today

"U.S. to Push for Minimum Standard for CFC Rules"
Tax Notes Today
10.06.14Rocco Femia was quoted regarding the OECD's focus on better coordinating their 2015 deliverables during a Georgetown University Law Center forum, "BEPS, CFC Rules, Patent Boxes, and EU Law." With regard to the OECDs next steps, Femia said he would welcome a more coordinated approach across action items, "So, for example, why spill so much ink on hybrid mismatch arrangements if we're going to take on a big project on interest deductibility that might make most of that ink on hybrid mismatch arrangements sort of moot," Femia said. "I think there's a real danger of having lots of recommendations and lots of reports that don't quite fit together." Femia said that, at times, the 2014 action items were uncoordinated.
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