Garrett Fenton Quoted Regarding Application of 90-Day Waiting Period in What's Working in Human Resources

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What’s Working in Human Resources
10.07.14Garrett Fenton was quoted in a question and answer session for human resources professionals regarding the 90-day waiting period for enrolling employees in company health plans. "Employer-sponsored group health plans generally cannot impose coverage waiting periods longer than 90 days for employees in positions that are eligible for coverage," Fenton said. "But it's important to note that under the current reform guidance, an employee can be required to satisfy up to a one-month 'orientation period' before the start of the 90-day 'waiting period.'" According to Fenton, this means an employer "could require a new hire to complete an orientation period that extends from the date of hire through the end of the person's first month before starting the 90-day waiting period," he said. "So it's possible to plan for the employee's coverage to start on the first of the month by adjusting the length of his or her orientation period."
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