Marianna Dyson Quoted Regarding Taxability of Silicon Valley Free Lunches in The Wall Street Journal

"Silicon Valley Cafeterias Whet Appetite of IRS"
The Wall Street Journal
09.01.14Marianna Dyson was quoted regarding the taxability of free meals provided to employees at some Silicon Valley technology companies. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) argues that free meals are a taxable fringe benefit, and has increasingly sought payroll taxes related to the meals' fair-market value during recent audits. Recently the provision of free meals has come under scrutiny by the IRS, which has listed this area as one of their top tax priorities for the next fiscal year. However even if tax-free meals cease to exist, it will not necessarily mean the end of Silicon Valley's no-cost buffets. Dyson said she knows of at least one Silicon Valley company that provides free food, but "grosses up" its employees, paying them extra to cover additional taxes owed on the perk.
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