Len Bickwit Quoted Regarding Highway Trust Fund Fallout in Politico

"STB approves California HSR — HTF conundrum continues — Road fatalities down slightly — NTSB issues investigation rule"
08.13.14Len Bickwit was quoted regarding the Highway Trust Fund extension fallout. "One thing many have found reassuring with regard to Chairman Camp's broad tax reform proposal is that he has been clear that he would oppose the use of his bill's revenue raisers for anything other than comprehensive tax reform -- that he wouldn't support piecemealing these revenue raisers for other purposes," Bickwit said. "The administration has also been very clear in saying that one-time revenue raisers shouldn't be used to fund permanent items like the lowering of tax rates." Even so, he added, "This would appear to be inconsistent, however, at least in spirit, with statements by the Secretary of Transportation supporting the use of one-time revenues to fund the Highway Trust Fund. While Highway Trust Fund expenditures may not be permanent as a technical matter, history and budget scoring practices both suggest that once such expenditures are incurred, the level of those expenditures can be expected to continue permanently."
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