Andrew Wise Quoted Regarding McDonnell Defense Team "Crush Defense" Opening Argument in The Washington Post

"'Crush defense' could help couple legally"
The Washington Post
07.30.14Andrew Wise was quoted regarding the defense's opening statement claim that Maureen McDonnell, wife of former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell, was involved in a romantic relationship with dietary supplements company owner Jonnie Williams. The statement is part of the McDonnell's defense team's attempt to prove that the more than $165,000 in gifts and loans accepted were done so without corrupt intent -- which is what the case hinges on. "If witness testimony does back up the opening, it would provide a very different image of the main players than the simple picture of greed that the government wants to draw. And jurors will have to decide whether this was an agreement to trade things for official acts or whether there were other things motivating Williams and the McDonnells," Wise said. However, Wise agreed that prosecutors have a lot of ammunition to challenge Maureen McDonnell's claim that a secret crush motivated her interest in Williams, as some of the gifts benefited the former Governor as well. "I think you are going to see prosecutors ... argue that Mrs. McDonnell's efforts to do things specifically for her husband are inconsistent with idea that she had grown weary of her marriage and was looking for attention from another man," Wise added.
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