Garrett Fenton Quoted Regarding 2015 ACA Employer Mandate in Employee Benefit News' BenefitsTV

"How can employers get a jump on 2015's ACA requirements?"
Employee Benefit News' BenefitsTV

Garrett Fenton was quoted regarding the pending implementation of the January 2015 employer mandate for the Affordable Care Act. Employers should now begin moving forward with compliance and ensuring that coverage is sufficient to avoid a pay-or-play penalty. "There is still a lot of uncertainty out there .... It's frustrating for a lot of benefits managers and HR personnel who are trying to really work with the rules to hit a moving target," Fenton said. "But at this point we have the rules, we know what they are, at least for the time being, so it is, at this point, incumbent upon those HR professionals and the managers to go ahead and begin implementing those final regulations."

Asked what he would offer as advice for benefits professionals, Fenton said employers should simply move forward. "If you haven't already started implementing some of these rules, you should definitely be starting at this point right now. Don't delay, because the clock is ticking," he said. "For most employers, the rules are going to start applying this coming January 1, 2015, calendar year. Time is limited."

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