Barry Pollack and Charles McAleer File Challenge by Former Employee of Dewey & LeBoeuf to Trustee Suit Against Him reports the New York Law Journal

"Former Dewey Officer Challenges Trustee's Suit"
New York Law Journal
05.28.14Barry Pollack and Charles McAleer represent former Dewey & LeBoeuf Chief Operating Officer Dennis D'Alessandro, who is challenging a trustee suit seeking about $9.3 million that Dewey paid to D'Alessandro during the six-year period prior to the firm's collapse. The trustee's complaint states that the transfers made to D'Alessandro were not made in good faith and that he was an insider at the firm. D'Alessandro was not an insider and "had no substantial control over the firm's corporate policies or decision making," Pollack and McAleer said in a motion to dismiss the case. Pollack told the New York Law Journal: "The trustee has no legal basis for clawing back compensation for Mr. D'Alessandro, who was not a partner at the firm and who had not been accused of doing anything wrong."
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