Garrett Fenton Comments on ACA Implications for Wellness Programs in Employee Benefit News

"Wellness nondiscrimination rules challenge employers"
Employee Benefit News
05.23.14Garrett Fenton participated in a question and answer session on the legal and tax implications of wellness programs for employers stemming from the Affordable Care Act (ACA). "There are income tax and employment tax issues that arise whenever you have any sort of incentive that you're offering to an employee," Fenton said. "There are potential Americans with Disabilities Act issues, potential age discrimination issues that can come up," he said. Fenton suggested that internal tax people need to be involved in structuring wellness programs and making sure that they are compliant. "Wellness programs have laudable goals and people don't really think anything of them, but it's [a case of] no good deed goes unpunished. I think making sure that all these rules are being complied with is the main takeaway for employers," Fenton said.
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