Larry Gibbs Comments on Challenges Facing IRS in Tax Notes Today

"ABA Meeting: Gibbs Warns of Tax Administration Challenges"
Tax Notes Today
05.13.14Larry Gibbs commented on the need for tax reform and adequate funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at a recent meeting of the American Bar Association (ABA) Taxation Section. "Currently, there is no dearth of challenges to our tax system," Gibbs said, adding that while it is unclear if or how tax reform will take place, it will not be meaningful or long lasting unless the IRS's fiscal problems are addressed. ABA Tax Section members traditionally have worked with the government to identify ways to improve tax administration for the benefit of all taxpayers, Gibbs said, and they should continue to do so. "We are, after all, the front lines of the interaction between our government and its taxpayers, many of whom are our clients," he said. "We have the knowledge, the experience, the expertise, and the capability to assist the IRS in meeting the challenges it is facing in order to improve the tax administration system and restore the public's respect for it."
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