Timothy O'Toole Quoted Regarding Uptick in Potential Lawyer Whistleblowers in The Economist

"Lawyer's poker: In-house counsels' lips might no longer be sealed"
The Economist
05.08.14Timothy O'Toole was quoted regarding the increase in the number of lawyers prepared to divulge privileged information due to whistleblower incentives resulting from the Dodd-Frank Act. Some would-be whistleblowers are seeking to exploit a gap between strict state ethics rules and more-permissive federal laws and regulations, O'Toole said. Perhaps more importantly, the question remains whether whistleblowing lawyers would have a long-term impact on the quality of legal representation, as the encouragement of senior-level executives to be candid with counsel has been a hallmark of the client-attorney relationship. "It's hard to give good advice to someone who doesn't feel comfortable speaking with you frankly," O'Toole said.
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