Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding Supreme Court Ruling's Impact on McDonnell Case in The Washington Post

"Lawyers: Top court rulings favor McDonnell defense"
The Washington Post
05.06.14Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the Supreme Court's determination that imposing limits on large political contributions violates constitutional free-speech rights and the resulting impact on the pending trials of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. The McDonnells' defense lawyers have cited the Citizens United decision, which lifted restrictions on independent political spending, when seeking to dismiss most of the charges in the filing. While campaign-finance related rulings aren’t the "perfect analogy" to the McDonnell case, they should not be quickly dismissed, Pollack said. The courts have had difficulty pinning a legal definition to what constitutes corrupt intent and any high court ruling that clarifies that definition "ought to be instructive," he added.
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