Homer E. Moyer, Jr. Comments on FCPA Issues and Trends in Interview with Global Investigations Review

"Homer Moyer:  declinations, disclosure and double-dipping"
Global Investigations Review
04.08.14Homer Moyer, frequently referred to as the "dean of the FCPA bar," was featured in an FCPA-focused interview with Global Investigations Review. In a series of questions and answers, Moyer discussed his introduction to the FCPA, his career highlights and what he thinks are the most pressing issues facing FCPA lawyers currently. "As this area of law has evolved, the challenges for all concerned have changed," Moyer said. "Not only has competition in the legal community increased a hundredfold, but the issues are more uncertain and nuanced than they were in the past." In addition, the "range of possible outcomes is much greater in almost any case," Moyer added, "and a company and its outside counsel can do quite a lot to determine what the outcome might be."
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Homer Moyer:  declinations, disclosure and double-dipping