Welles Orr Quoted Regarding FTA Negotiation Prospects in Latin Lawyer

"Trans-pacific partisanship"
Latin Lawyer
04.10.14Welles Orr was quoted regarding upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations. He predicts that successfully negotiated agreements could signal an era of consolidation, as the US co-opts existing free trade agreements into a "more modern, state-of-the-art trading agreement" or "some form of what the [Free Trade Area of the Americas] originally set out to be," prior to being delayed in 2005, he said. "Most observers don't expect any movement on Japan's part until Obama visits Abe in April, but many are skeptical that Abe will yield on anything as the political dynamic for his party is a lot different than when Japan entered the negotiations," Orr said, adding that it's up to Japan to make the move. "If they cannot make that major step or some variation of new market access in their 'sensitive sectors', then I think it is possible Japan would be told that the other 11 members of the TPP will try to salvage a final deal without them," he said.
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