Matthew Reinhard Quoted Regarding Bribery Under the FCPA in Global Investigations Review

"New York executives charged in Venezuela bribery case"
Global Investigations Review
04.16.14Matthew Reinhard was quoted regarding two former Direct Access Partners executives charged with setting up a multi-million dollar kickback and bribery scheme with a Venezuelan state bank official. Reinhard said that receiving bribes is not illegal under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, but U.S. enforcers often pursue bribe recipients for related offenses. "They will often use money laundering and FCPA conspiracy offences to pursue corrupt conduct that may otherwise be beyond the reach of the FCPA itself," he said, adding that the facts may have come to light through a routine Securities and Exchange Commission audit of the company. "The agency periodically reviews and audits broker-dealers, and it seems auditors may have realised something didn’t look right and passed information on to the SEC's enforcement division."
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