Andrew Howlett and George Hani's Pro Bono Tax Work Commended in Making Justice Real

"Miller & Chevalier Saves Family Home from Tax Sale Foreclosure"
Making Justice Real
04.01.14Andrew Howlett and George Hani were commended in a blog post for navigating complex tax issues on behalf of a client in order to save her family home, in connection with The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia. Following a city audit, the client's home was declared no longer entitled to receive the homestead real property tax deduction and was assessed back taxes, interest and penalties. Howlett and Hani assisted in managing the case and appeared at several hearings before the D.C. Superior Court Magistrate Judge to delay foreclosure proceedings and to afford the client time to earn money to redeem home ownership. "It is no exaggeration to say that Miller & Chevalier's representation was truly life-changing for Ms. B and her sister who otherwise very likely would have lost the home that their family had owned for over a half-century," the article said.
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