Andrew Wise Quoted Regarding McDonnell Corruption Indictment in The Washington Post

"Bitter court filings offer preview of former Va. governor's defense in corruption case"
The Washington Post
03.10.14Andrew Wise was quoted regarding the indictment of former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, for alleged illegal payments and gifts made to Star Scientific. Wise said government attorneys will probably rely on their office's experience prosecuting former congressman William J. Jefferson, who was convicted in a bribery case in which he was accused of using his position to direct bribes relating to business ventures he helped arrange in Africa. Wise added that what is considered "official" is a "murky area." The McDonnells' defense attorneys have requested more specificity regarding the "official actions" that the former governor and his wife are alleged to have performed. "One of the problems in these public corruption cases is that I think sometimes these terms get defined as you go," Wise said.
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