Larry Christensen Comments on Economic Sanctions Targeting Russian Entities in Inside U.S. Trade

"U.S. Announces Russia Sanctions, Suspends BIT Talks Over Ukraine Crisis"
Inside U.S. Trade
03.07.14Larry Christensen commented on the Obama administration's roll-out of economic sanctions targeting Russian entities that threaten Ukraine's sovereignty. While U.S. companies are worried that the economic sanctions may pose a threat to U.S. business interests or investments if Russia retaliates, some experts suggest that the impact is more limited. "I think they're small steps," Christensen said regarding the president's action. If the sanctions are not severe enough, Russia may be undeterred, and if they are too severe, an economic war could begin. "Others would characterize them as smart sanctions," targeted at those who are responsible, as opposed to Russian consumers, he said. "The dilemma is we never know whether small steps are going to be sufficient."
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