Marianna Dyson Comments in Politico on SCOTUS Hearing of Severance Pay Case

"Omnibus cuts IRS budget, bans funds from being used to target individuals -- SCOTUS to hear severance pay cases"
01.14.14Marianna Dyson was quoted regarding the U.S. Supreme Court case, United States v. Quality Stores Inc., which was scheduled for oral argument on January 14. Quality Stores, which declared bankruptcy in 2001, seeks a refund of FICA taxes paid on certain severance payments that it now argues were "supplemental unemployment benefits" exempt from FICA taxation under the Internal Revenue Code. It is a gray code, according to Dyson. "The straightforwardness of the statutory argument and the fact that the IRS has frankly been rather schizophrenic in its issue of these tax rulings ... will help the taxpayer," she said.
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