Welles Orr Quoted Regarding White House Efforts to Pass Fast-Track Trade Power Bill in Law360

"White House's Efforts Key To 'Fast-Track' Trade Bill"
01.10.14Welles Orr was quoted regarding legislative prospects to give "fast-track" trade power (TPA) to the president, allowing the executive branch to negotiate trade agreements while limiting legislators' vote on pacts without amendment. The Obama administration has a key role to play in improving the chances that TPA will be passed this year and should "come out full force" to lobby for the bill in order to bolster prospects for it to pass this year, Orr said. "We need to see the White House really roll up its sleeves on this," he said. "But I think they will."

Part of the effort to garner support for a fast-track bill could be educating legislators on how the current proposal expands on previous TPA legislation, last passed in 2002 but that expired in 2007, Orr said. He added that the recently unveiled bill greatly enhances Congress' role in overseeing trade negotiations and would give legislators access to view negotiating texts and serve as advisers on trade issues. "Congress really has a way now to get their nose under the tent," he said.
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