Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding Likelihood of Federal Criminal Charges in Wake of 'Bridgegate' Scandal in The Wall Street Journal

"Federal Charges Against Players in Bridge Controversy May be Difficult"
The Wall Street Journal
01.10.14Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the potential of federal criminal charges to be filed against N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's staffers, who ordered lanes to be closed on the George Washington Bridge as political retribution. Prosecutors will look at whether federal criminal charges apply to the lane closures. Section 666 of the federal criminal code makes it a crime for a state or local official to misapply property valued at more than $5,000. "I think using that statute is trying too hard to fit a square peg into a round hole," Pollack said. "This isn't a case about theft or bribery, it's not about any economic motive. It is purely politically motivated. I think it is a real stretch to say you have stolen government funds because you act in a way that is motivated by a desire to exact political revenge."
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