Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding 'Bridgegate' Criminal Implications for Former Port Authority Appointee in New Jersey Press Media

"Closures, contempt, questions: 'Bridgegate' presents A legal anomaly"
New Jersey Press Media (Gannett)
01.10.14Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the plausibility of criminal charges against N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's former appointee to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, David Wildstein. While federal authorities can look at whether or not Wildstein violated citizens' constitutional right to interstate travel as part of the 'Bridgegate' incident in September 2010, the justification of a federal crime is tricky, Pollack said, because it must meet two criteria: involve an interference of constitutional rights and be done with some sort of animosity toward the target, Fort Lee mayor, Mark J. Sokolich. "That’s sort of the classic federal civil rights case," he said. "But here, they didn’t stop the mayor of Fort Lee from traveling across that bridge. They stopped the people of Fort Lee from crossing that bridge."

In an unfolding scandal that involves suspected political retribution, the criminal implications remain unclear. "I think it’s a real stretch to try to convert what is a political scandal into a federal crime," Pollack said, adding that “those two lines get blurred too often."
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