Larry Gibbs Quoted in BNA Snapshot Regarding Challenges Facing Senate Confirmed Koskinen

"Senate Confirms Koskinen for Top IRS Spot; He Faces Numerous Challenges at Agency"
BNA Snapshot
12.31.13Larry Gibbs was quoted regarding the Senate confirmation of John Koskinen to the top position at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), beginning in 2014. Because Koskinen is taking over as IRS Commissioner at a time when the agency is facing many challenges, including congressional and FBI investigations, the job will not be easy. "He is going to have to deal with the fact that the IRS is going to have to regain the confidence of the American public," Gibbs said. He added that Koskinen will inherit a tax agency with a declining budget and 11,000 fewer staff members compared to the previous year, even as the IRS gears up to process the most tax returns in its history during the 2014 filing season. "One of the things he's going to be dealing with is how you deliver taxpayer service," Gibbs said.
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