Barry Pollack Quoted in the Guardian about DOJ's Investigation against WikiLeak's Julian Assange

"Julian Assange lawyer calls on US to make formal decision on prosecution"
The Guardian

Barry Pollack responded to the Washington Post's report that Department of Justice (DOJ) will not prosecute his client, Julian Assange. Unnamed DOJ sources said DOJ could not distinguish between Assange and traditional media, such as the New York Times, who publish classified information. Pollack said that the Justice Department had failed to respond to Assange's inquiries about the status of the investigation, which has been led by the Eastern District of Virginia, where a grand jury has been impaneled.

"Mr. Assange would welcome a formal unequivocal statement from the Department of Justice that it has not brought charges against him and will not do so in the future. Unfortunately, to date, the Department of Justice has not been willing to make such a statement," Pollack said.

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