Larry Gibbs Quoted Regarding Significance of Fraud Addressed in Baucus's Proposed Tax Code Revision in Politico

"Next in Baucus's line of sight: cost recovery – Baucus tax admin draft makes headway"
11.21.13The reactions of Larry Gibbs were quoted with regard to the anti-tax-taxpayer-theft-and-refund-fraud provisions included in Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus's tax reform proposals on November 20. The proposals included the clarification of IRS authority to regulate commercial tax return preparers, the removal of easy access to, and IRS use of, social security numbers in order to better protect taxpayers' identities, and the imposition of more stringent penalties on those involved in the theft of taxpayers' identities and tax refund fraud. "Many of the proposals are more significant than perhaps would meet the eye initially," said Gibbs, a former Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). "The identity theft and refund fraud area is probably the most significant compliance and enforcement challenge that the IRS faces." Referring to what the IRS is expected to do to combat identity theft and refund fraud, Gibbs said he expects the agency is "… going to make it tougher for the crooks to commit fraud and the risk of being caught is going to go up significantly."
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